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The Breeze Business Review of Blue Fish Pool Maintenance

The Breeze Business Review
July 2012

Blue Fish Pool Maintenance
By Shelby Baldridge

Serving residential and commercial customers of Solano County since 2006, Blue Fish Pool Maintenance is committed to setting the standard in the pool cleaning industry.

Owner Leland Stith first opened his pool service business with a passion for all aspects of pool maintenance, and the mission to provide his customers with unsurpassed service at competitive rates.

Before and After

"It’s fun to do," Leland tells me, "I enjoy working with all of my customers and helping to keep their pools looking nice."

It’s no simple task to balance and care for a swimming pool and an imbalanced pool can lead to several issues, which is why many homeowners decide to hire a pool maintenance professional. Technicians from Blue Fish treat your pool like it was their pool, taking extra time to complete tasks not necessarily required of them. With weekly service, customers notice a substantial improvement in water clarity as well as a more comfortable pool to swim in.

There are three different weekly service plans offered at Blue Fish, the Mini Service, the Full Service, and the Total Custom Plan. Some examples of services provided in these plans include testing chemical levels and adding chemicals as needed, emptying the skimmer baskets, checking the equipment, brushing tile and walls clean, and vacuuming the pool floor. With the Total Custom Plan, the client is able to choose services that meet the specific needs of their pool, and how frequently they would like them performed.

After a Blue Fish technician visits your pool, they will leave a door hanger with a detailed description of what services were performed, the chemicals added, what your pool chemical readings are, and any other information you should know.

Removable Pool Fencing

In addition to pool cleaning services, Blue Fish also supplies and installs removable mesh safety fencing for pools. Safety fences offer a solution for preventing young children from entering the pool undetected. These convenient, custom-sized fences are available in different colors such as black, brown, green, and tan, are climbresistant, and have self-latching gates.

Because the fences are made of mesh, it is easy to see through them unlike permanent fences that can be made of iron or wood. Blue Fish also provides safety nets and pool covers to aid in preventing animals and children from accessing the water.

Call today to schedule a free no-obligation in home pool inspection at 707-330-3330, or e-mail for more information. Visit to see before and after photos and to read their blog.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

10 Best Tips For A Worry-Free Pool

After 30 years in the pool service and repair business, some consistent problems with pools that customers call us about. Whether you use a professional pool service or prefer to maintain your pool yourself, I trust you will find this a useful guide.

10 Best Tips For A Worry-Free Pool

1) Weekly Pool Service: You can do it yourself, but having a professional pool service allows them to take care of your pool and without you spending more time working on it. Plus, they will have all the proper tools and equipment to make repairs and adjustments.

2) Control System: The control system has a timer to circulate the chemicals in the pool consistently everyday. Circulation is essential to proper filtration and proper mixing of the chemicals.

3) Chemicals: Checking the chemicals on a weekly basis will make sure the pool is always properly balanced, avoiding any problems with algae and deterioration of the pool surface (liner or plaster). This not only helps the pool liner or plaster, but also prolongs the life of your pool equipment and reduces maintenance costs.

4) Check and clean skimmer and pump baskets: By cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets, you are not only making sure the system works the way it should but also avoiding any problems. That having clogged baskets can cause problems like melting plumbing and pump seals to go bad and possibly even burning up the pumps.

5) Filter: A clean filter is essential to having a clean and worry-free pool. If the filter is not clean, the circulation can be restricted. Proper circulation is necessary to distribute the chemicals and turn over the water in the pool as many times as it needs in an 8-hour period.

6) Vacuum: Vacuuming the pool is necessary to keep dirt and leaves out of pool. This also helps the pool chemistry by reducing fluctuations in pH and alkalinity levels. Vacuums now run automatically 24 hours a day to keep your pool clean.

7) Pool Deck: Keep the pool deck clean and free of debris. By keeping the deck clean there will be less debris that can blow into the water causing contamination. This reduces the need for vacuuming, skimming and additional chemicals. This may seem like a simple tip, but keeping you pool deck clean, especially in the fall and spring, is essential.

8) Pumps: Check the pumps for leaks regularly. If you detect leaks early, you can prevent problems with pump seals, motor and impeller. Undetected leaks can lead to pump failure. Replacing a pump can be expensive and should be done by a professional.

9) Water level: Check water level in pool because the water level is important for circulation, keeping the skimmer working properly, and not starving the pump for water. Letting the water level drop can starve the pump which can damage or ruin the pump.

10) Valves: Check all the valves on the pool to ensure they open and close easily and are not restricted or leaking in any way. Properly operating, clean valves with help ensure the effectiveness of your pumps and filtration system.

With these tips, I trust you will have an enjoyable time with your pool and avoid many common pool repair problems.

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Blue Fish Pool Maintenance can take care of all the upkeep of your swimming pool! We are a professional full service pool maintenance company for residential & commercial customers. Our mission is to provide our customers with unsurpassed service at competitive rates and we are committed to setting the standard in our industry.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Synchronised Swimmers Aquabatique - Britain's Got Talent 2012 Audition

Watch synchronised swimmers Aquabatique make waves on Britain's Got Talent. Will Judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams leave them to synch or swim?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Good Reasons To Use A Pool Cleaning Service

If you are considering building or installing a swimming pool, one of the first persons to talk to is a pool service provider. They will help you decide on the best type for your location. They will also provide guidance as to material suitable for your environment.

Talking to the experts before and during the installation process will save you headache in the end. They can also guide you to supplies if needed. If extra manpower is needed, they can also be a great resource.

Not having enough time is not the only reason to consider using a pool cleaning service. Some homeowners are surprised to find out how much time it takes to keep then being usable. It takes a lot more than just skimming leaves and debris off the surface.

If you were to spend the time doing what is needed, you will be too tired to enjoy yourself. It takes more than just removing leaves to have a nice, usable pool. Plus, there are electronic parts to consider.

Knowing the right amount of chemicals such as chlorine to use in the water is another reason. Even if you know the quantity, you also need to know when and how often. Another good reason to hire a pool service company is maintaining the right pH balance of the water.

To the untrained eye, clear, or clean water may be mistaken to indicate that it is balanced. Nothing could be further from the truth. A professional pool service worker would be able to measure this. If the balance needs restoring they would be able to restore it if necessary.

Failure to maintain the right pH balance can result in damage to expensive equipment. Filters, pumps, and heaters will become clogged and function less efficiently over time. This is partially due to the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

While some of the work can be done by automatic cleaners, there will always be need for manual labor. Some of the automatic systems do serve a purpose, but they cannot get to the hard stuff. Even the best robotic type cleaners need some help.

Steps, tiles and decks need sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming. This has to be done by someone and preferably by a company with the experience. They will generally do a more thorough job. They have the manpower and the specialized tools that can get the job done right. They will also spot any repairs that are needed before they become big jobs.

When it comes to repairs to parts, a pool service is the best option. They may even have needed items such as filters in stock. This is important if a part need repairing or replacing after shops are closed. In addition, they may recognize that a part is going bad before it actually does.

When you use a pool cleaning service you are more likely to get quality maintenance done. As experts in the field there should not be any guesswork like when you do it yourself. A lot of damage has been done by owners trying to do it all themselves.

In the long term using a pool cleaning service will save you both time and money. Since maintenance and general cleaning is so important, leaving it to the professionals makes sense. By doing this, you will be left with more time to enjoy your swimming pool.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How a Swimming Pool Filter System Works

Wondering exactly how a swimming pool pump and filter system works? In this video successful pool designer and builder Jason Hughes discusses the basics of how the various components of a pool filter system work together to keep your pool safe and clean. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Owning a Swimming Pool and Pool Service Benefits

Owning your own pool definitely has its benefits. A fabulous swimming pool is the pride of any owner. In recent times they have gone from being a luxury item for many families to becoming a must-have backyard addition. It can complete and enhance a great landscape design. Yes, they can be a lot of fun in the California sun, however cleaning it just isn't fun by any means.

The upkeep is essential at regular time periods to make certain that the water will be in shape to swim, they can be kept safe and clean with the installation of cartridge filters. Maintaining proper water quality is very important to you and your friends and family. A frequent test really should be performed to your water plus the levels need to be modified through the occasional use of chemical compounds. The water in your swimming pool can be kept free from germs and various other pollutants by using chlorine. Filtering the water through a layer of fine sand is among the most well-known forms of filtration.

It's important to carry out the above services as well as repairs either all on your own or by having a licensed contractor to take care of all maintenance so that you can really enjoy it. As you may know taking care of the chemical requirements can quickly spiral into a nightmare.

In terms of servicing suggestions there are various issues that you should be aware of. Routine servicing will be an ongoing procedure that property owners need to be conscientious about if he or she wishes to enjoy them during the entire season. When it comes to annual maintenance pick a company that provides dependable services, this will help you save money and time.

Should you not have the time and expertise to handle all of this work, or if you would prefer to just have fun and enjoy your time with family and friends, you should consider hiring a creditable company that offers varied services to address your needs and requirements, a company to perform the pool service monthly while you sit back and relax in the California sun. You need a company whose employees love taking care of swimming pools, and would be honored to have you consider their service to handle your maintenance.

Never trust the healthiness of your entire family to a rookie! Hire an experienced professional! Make sure the company you are hiring is a licensed, certified, and in addition insured company; that can offer you Flexible & Affordable Pricing Plans. Choose a company that has NO long-term obligation requirements, NO hidden charges, and has a Satisfaction Guaranteed policy.

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